Roots Blowers

Best Blower is the top choice for providing blowers and compressors to a range of industries. Among the many popular choices of quality products are the roots positive displacement blowers that provide a consistent level of flow no matter how frequently the pressure changes.

Stocking a large supply of blowers and accessories, we strive to help you find the right product line no matter what industry or application it is being used for. Browse the Roots Blower product line below:

Positive Displacement Blowers

Positive displacement blowers differ greatly from centrifugal compressors which allow the flow and pressure to vary. Inside the blower is a set of figure-8 impellers which rotate complementary to each other. A fixed volume of gas is trapped between the impeller and casing parts towards the inlet. As the impellers rotate, it traps this gas and discharges the pressure that has built up during the trapping.

A roots blower has a significant advantage over the standard positive displacement blower design because it controls the discharge with an internal jet system which reduces shock load and improves the longevity of the equipment.

Roots blowers are quickly becoming one of the better blower types through innovative new technology and designs. As a fast and efficient compressor, the Roots™ product line is now one of the most commonly used compressors for several industrial applications.


Roots blowers are a specialized compressor type that supports a wide range of industrial processes. With safety as a top priority, this compressor has small and large rotary performance options that make a significant impact.

Key features of small rotary models include acoustic enclosure which provides free field attenuation of up to 22 dBA. Flow rate can range up to 10,710 m3/hr, at up to 15 PSIG of pressure.

Large rotary models feature a flow rate of up to 120,000 m3/hr and up to 35 PSIG of pressure. Most large rotary models are custom designed for specific applications that require high static pressures.


Roots blowers are one of the most versatile and shock-absorbent positive displacement blowers on the market.

These heavy-duty blowers are designed with mounting feet and adaptable shaft positions that maximize the amount of speed and consistency of discharge while self-stabilizing for minimal shock on surrounding equipment.

These positive displacement blowers come in a range of models that fit different applications. Each model features different sizes and specifications to suit different use cases and industries. Each model is made of durable metal casing designed to incorporate the latest technology for in-field adaptability.

Depending on the model, rotation may be single or choice-directional. Every model provides continuous duty functionality for robust and efficient performance whether mounting vertically or horizontally. The URAI series features center timing for universal rotation.

Options Available

There are many options available when it comes to roots blowers. Each accessory may be tailored bespoke to your industrial application needs for robust performance.

  • Gas blower
  • Inlet silencer
  • Inlet filter
  • Discharge silencer
  • Relief valve
  • Check valve
  • V-belt drive
  • Flexible coupling or direct drive
  • Drive and belt guards
  • Variable frequency drives
  • Enclosures
  • Specialty motors

Choose from the diverse range of durable, quality roots machines and never have another service disruption or equipment failure. The versatility of each machine and consistent flow level provide a significant advantage to several chemical processing and environmental industry applications.

See the Difference a Roots Blower Makes

Unlike most compressors, roots blowers are a great choice for certain industries that require improved performance and cutting-edge innovation in compression technology. As a leading positive displacement blower type, roots blowers produce airflow in a completely different way compared to centrifugal or twin-screw blowers.

Roots blowers make the perfect companion to many industrial applications, cleanly balancing efficiency and pressure output. To learn more about the differences a roots blower can make in your industry, talk to a Best Blower representative today and we’ll help you figure out the right product choice for your application.

Ideal Applications and Industries

A positive displacement blower is a popular compressor type in a range of industrial applications, such as wastewater treatment, soil remediation or vapor extraction, and pneumatic conveying. It is also used as an induction device on certain diesel engines, or to help improve performance on marine and mining equipment.

Other industries also rely on these positive displacement blowers as a part of textile, plastics, paper, and chemical production. Agricultural, chemical, pharmaceutical, and petroleum manufacturers also utilize blowers to assist combustion, drying, and bottle filling or folding.

How Do You Choose a Roots Blower?

When choosing the right roots blowers for your industrial use, you should consider the volume flow and pressure head needs of the application first.

You should also know the pressures and durability specifications of the items on the production line to ensure that the PD blower doesn’t over-stress the materials.

This will help you calculate the maximum pressure and flow ratings and determine both the minimum and maximum output performance you need in a positive displacement blower.

If you need help choosing the right roots blower for your needs, our team can help you calculate these specifications and provide a suggested product based on your application.

What Kind of Oil Do You Use in a Roots Blower?

Roots blowers can use a range of synthetic oil types, but you will see the most benefit from a Roots™ brand synthetic oil.

By using the Roots™ brand oil, you significantly increase the lifetime of the bearings and overall reliability of the compressor as time goes on, as the blower utilizes the oil more efficiently and the synthetic chemicals don’t wear down interior parts as quickly.

Depending on the model, your roots blower may hold a different volume of oil based on size and necessary pressure output. Overall, using the right kind of oil for your displacement blower is good for the longevity of the machine and will minimize downtime, no matter what brand or blower type you choose.