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We carry a wide selection of positive displacement blowers, as manufactured by Roots.

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Best Blower is a Roots distributor in Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware. We offer a wide selection of positive displacement blowers, vacuum pumps, and related equipment. By virtue of our 33 years of experience with Roots, the Best Blower team has earned their trust in representing the ROOTS brand.



All Universal RAI (URAI) series blowers are heavy duty rotary blowers in a compact, sturdy design engineered for continuous duty and maximum reliability.

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Dekker Vacuum Pumps

    Dekker's vacuum solutions are essential to the challenging manufacturing processes of a wide variety of industries.

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    All Roots Blowers

    Roots Blowers, are designed to provide a steady level of flow even when the pressure fluctuates.

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    Five Rules For Positive Displacement & Centrifugal Blower Reliability

    In this guide, we share the five most important steps to having long lived positive displacement, rotary lobe blowers (or) centrifugal blowers

    Positive Displacement Blower Repair

    Replacement Units & Inventory

    • Roots Positive Displacement Rotary Lobe
    • Roots Centrifugal Blowers & Compressors

    Service & Repair

    • Authorized warranty repair of all domestic PD blowers
    • Complete Repair Center with machine shop and fabrication facilities
    • Factory trained field service and support

    Blower Packages

    • Custom Designed Blower Packages
    • Roots Constructed, Sound Attenuated Blower Packages

    We Service and Sell These Fine Brands

    Best Blower offers complete application assistance, installation, and repair. As the Roots distributor, we are charged with fabricating complete blower packages to Roots engineering standards, and to suit your application needs.
    Howden Roots Logo
    Morris Coupling Company
    Dekker Vacuum Technologies Inc
    Xchanger Industrial Heat Exchangers
    Stoddard Silencers

    Authorized Warranty Repair Center

    The service technicians at our Roots Authorized repair center have 33 years experience in repairing ROOTS Blowers.