Roots Universal RAI Blower

Explore the versatility of the Roots Universal RAI (URAI) Blower, available in 17 distinct models to cater to a wide range of industrial needs. Each unit is engineered with universal mounting feet, allowing for installation in four different configurations, making it adaptable to various applications.

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Design and Durability

The standard URAI blower features convenient grease lubrication on the drive end. The feet permit easy in-field adaptation to either vertical or horizontal installation requirements and any of four drive shaft positions _ top, bottom, right or left hand. All frame sizes are center-timed to allow for rotation in either direction. The Roots Blower URAI series focuses on robust construction and reliability:

  • Casing: Sturdy one-piece cast iron, ensuring durability.
  • Gears: Oil bath lubricated spur timing gears for smooth operation.
  • Bearings: Large anti-friction bearings with a special cylindrical roller bearing at the drive shaft to resist V-belt tension.
  • Impellers: Straight, accurately machined two-lobe impellers for optimal performance.

Performance Specifications

  • Flow Range: 10 CFM to 2370 CFM, meeting a variety of volume demands.
  • Pressure Range: 1 psi to 15 psi, suitable for low to moderate pressure requirements.
  • Vacuum Range: 1″ Hg to 16″ Hg, ideal for diverse suction needs.

Flexible Installation

  • Mounting Feet: Detachable steel feet provide stability and various mounting options.
  • Connections: Standard pipe sizes for straightforward integration into existing systems.

Operational Excellence

  • Thrust Control: Ensures operational stability and extends the lifespan of the blower.
  • Lubrication: Features grease lubrication on the drive end and oil lubrication on the gear end to reduce wear.

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