Our Standard Rebuild

To simplify the repair process for Roots blowers, we ask that you issue a PO for the standard repair cost at the time the blower is shipped to us. For all other brands, please issue a PO for inspection and we will advise the repair cost after evaluating the unit.
The following is included in our Standard Rebuild.

  • Blower Disassembly & Inspection

  • Cleaning

  • Installation of Roots Repair Kit

    All bearings, cover gaskets, all seals & internal fasteners.

  • Set timing & end clearances

  • Mechanical Test

  • Painting

Blower Repair Request

Thank you for trusting us with the repair of your rotary lobe blower. As a Roots Certified Repair Center, we are ready to put our over 30 years of positive displacement blower experience to work for you. We just need a few details to get this repair under way.

Click here to fill out our simple Blower Repair Request Form.

Our Repair Policy

As a general rule we will repair blowers in the order they are received, however, if you notify us that the blower you are sending is critical to your process we will do our best to expedite the repair process. You may also reserve a repair window within your scheduled plant shutdown to prevent additional down time for the repair.

If, after our evaluation of your blower, we determine the blower will need more parts or service than is included in our standard repair as outlined above, you will be sent a quote and explanation of the parts and labor required to bring your blower back to factory accepted performance. Should additional repair work be required, you will have the option to revise your PO to allow for the repair to be completed, or to have us recycle the remainder of your blower. If you elect not to repair or replace your blower, you will only be invoiced for the inspection fee of $250 (for blowers up to 6″ gear diameter). Once a PO change is requested you will be allowed 90 days to respond, after which time the blower will be recycled and you will be billed the inspection fee.

Repaired or replacement blowers will be shipped via best way, prepay and add unless otherwise specified on your purchase order.