Roots RAM-J Blower

The Roots RAM Whispair (RAM-J) Series offers advanced engineering in seven distinct models, each designed for adaptability and noise reduction. The universal mounting feet support four different installation configurations, making these units highly versatile for various industrial applications.

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Robust Construction and Efficiency

Roots RAM series units are recognized by many as the most volumetrically efficient blowers in the industry. Unless otherwise noted, RAM series equipment may operate under either vacuum or pressure application with no equipment modification, and can provide simultaneous vacuum and pressure for a system with a single unit.

All standard units are center-timed to allow rotation in either direction.

  • Casing and Impellers: Features grey iron headplates and a rigid, one-piece casing, with integral-shaft ductile iron impellers having an involute profile for efficient air movement.
  • Noise and Power Optimization: Utilizes an exclusive wraparound plenum and proprietary Whispair jet, which controls pressure equalization and aids impeller rotation, reducing noise and power loss.

Performance Specifications

  • Flow Range: 149 CFM to 3244 CFM, designed to handle a wide array of air volume needs.
  • Pressure Range: 1 psi to 18 psi, suitable for diverse operational pressures.
  • Vacuum Range: 1″ Hg to 16″ Hg, versatile for multiple vacuum levels.

Noise Reduction Technology

  • Whispair™ Feature: Equipped with the Whispair technology that reduces operational noise significantly when compared to conventional units, providing a quieter working environment.

Advanced Sealing and Lubrication

  • Piston Ring and Lip-Type Seals: These seals minimize air leakage and prevent lubrication from contaminating the air chamber, ensuring clean and efficient operation.
  • Hydrodynamic Drive Shaft Seal: Prevents oil leaks from the shaft, enhancing system reliability.
  • Splash Oil Lubrication: Maintained at both ends of the blower to ensure smooth, long-lasting operation.

Installation Flexibility

  • Mounting Feet: Detachable, robust steel mounting feet allow for easy adaptation to vertical or horizontal installation, accommodating right, left, bottom, or top drive shaft positions.
  • Shaft Extension Options: The top shaft is extended for side outlet blowers, and either shaft can be extended for top or bottom outlet blowers, providing further installation versatility.

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