Dekker Maxima High Efficiency Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

Looking for a reliable and powerful liquid ring vacuum pump? Look no further than Dekker Maxima High Efficiency Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps! Featuring excellent engineering, these high-performance pumps are designed to deliver increased capacity and improved efficiency. With single-stage pumps ranging from 1,500 to 39,000 CFM and two-stage pumps ranging from 600 to 2,800 CFM available, Dekker Maxima is perfect for businesses seeking maximum suction power with vacuum capabilities of up to 29” HgV.

Their unique design comes in two options: the Maxima-C Series features conical porting while the Maxima-K Series boasts flat port plates mounted on each side of the impeller. Choose Dekker Maxima for optimal performance, reliability and value for money in a range of liquid ring vacuum pump solutions.