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As an authorized dealer of Roots brand positive displacement blowers, Best Blower strives to meet your needs, whether you are working to meet bid deadlines, or need top-line delivery schedules to minimize assembly line downtime.

With a convenient location in Virginia, United States, we are centrally located near several industrial sectors, allowing us to provide in-house services such as maintenance, repairs, and installations of all Roots blowers purchased through this site. Best Blower is among the top choices for Roots blowers distributors in the country. 

For more information about sales or product advice, get in touch today. We strive to offer quality products that last a long time with reliable support services. That is why we are happy to guide you through the buying process at your convenience, helping you find the right blower for your needs.

Key Features and Benefits 

While Roots blowers have been around for over a century, their design and functionality are anything but outdated. 

The interlocking wheel design of Roots blowers, originally inspired by waterwheels, rotate within the simple housing at high speeds with stabilization controls to minimize vibration and noise. This forces the air forward in a controlled direction, providing a consistent source of pressurized airflow.

Depending on the blower model, the volume of air pushed through the machine varies, though Roots blowers are best known for their high-volume airflow and vacuum pressure.

Furthermore, utilizing Roots blowers in the workplace minimizes the amount of downtime in the manufacturing process because of how long-lasting and durable the blower is. With routine maintenance and prompt repairs, a Roots blower is designed to last for 10-15 years with little downtime necessary. 

Applications of Roots Blowers 

Roots blowers have a wide range of industrial applications today, making them one of the most important pieces of equipment in a manufacturing process. Specific industrial applications include:

  • Aerating sewage
  • Filter flushing 
  • Gas recovery
  • Pneumatic conveying
  • Food dehydration
  • Membrane cleaning
  • Air separation
  • Metal refining
  • Water purification
  • Vacuum systems
  • Air pollution control

These are just some of the various applications where Roots blowers play a critical role in producing a consistent level of forced airflow. Many other applications exist, and Howden Roots continues to manufacture new blower models to accommodate upcoming manufacturing processes.

Overall, the reliable and versatile performance of Roots blowers is what makes them the standard choice for positive displacement blowers. Many industrial operations in the United States consider Roots blowers an essential part of their process as it is low maintenance and minimally intrusive in the workplace. 

Why Choose Roots Blowers? 

Not only have these blowers been in use for over 150 years to a great degree of success, but the designs have been refined with modern materials and specifications. Best Blower offers nine models of Roots blowers from Howden Roots, from small rotary blowers up to 10,000 m3/h to larger rotary blowers up to 70,000 m3/h. 

Roots blowers lower costs and provide an efficient means of energy by installing blowers specific to each site’s maximum output needs, consuming a minimal level of power annually.

Noise pollution is a problem in industrial sectors, but with WHISPAIR™ technology, Roots blowers reduce noise by 3 to 5 dBA. Acoustic enclosures can also be installed around blowers, providing an additional 22 dBA of free field attenuation.

A Brief History of Roots Blowers Distributors 

The Roots Blower Company was originally founded in 1859 after two brothers invented the positive displacement blower. Philander and Francis Roots worked at their business located in Connersville, Indiana at the time. This business was situated on the Whitewater Canal which provided their power at the time through an undershot waterwheel.  

Over time, however, the waterwheel alone was not efficient enough to sustain their business’ energy demands. The brothers took to the drawing board and designed what was intended to be a more powerful water motor. What they hadn’t considered is that the lobe impellers, made of wood, would warp and jam when used underwater.

Taking the new motor out and studying the issue on land, however, they discovered that this warped lobe design was incredibly powerful in forcing air through it. The Roots brothers dedicated their careers to improving their invention from that point on.

In 1944, Roots became a product of Dresser Industries, which was later acquired by the Colfax Corporation in 2015. Today, Roots™ Blowers are a product of a UK-based company named Howden, thus giving them the name Howden Roots Blowers in modern application where their legacy continues.

Supporting Industrial Processes 

From wastewater to controlling air pollution in the workplace or dehydrating food products, Roots blowers are the top choice for an efficient and controlled workflow. 

These positive displacement blowers are used in different industrial processes that require air flow for cooling, drying, and conveying materials. Since the mid-1800s, Roots blowers have been revolutionizing the way manufacturers acquire energy, allowing processes to scale exponentially, thus improving the quality and accessibility of many modern products.

Roots blowers are a cost-effective and efficient system, with new models always adjusting for new manufacturing types. Their versatility makes them suitable for many industrial processes, from pneumatic conveying to vacuum systems and workplace air pollution control.

Reliable, Efficient Air and Gas Blowers 

Roots blowers are a versatile and reliable type of positive displacement blower that has long held the standard for industrial processes. Furthermore, Roots blowers are becoming more refined and fine-tuned as they are used in more industries, catering to new manufacturers’ needs. 

These positive displacement blowers can be scaled to meet the changing needs of any industrial process, in any sector. Available as both air and gas blower types, Roots blowers require a low energy input with little maintenance, making them the best support system for a wide range of applications from pneumatic conveying to wastewater treatment. 

No matter what your needs are, there is a Roots blower that can handle them efficiently and reliably. Shop the range of Roots blowers today to learn more about specific models and their individual environment capacities. 

Shop Best Blower 

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