Lubricated Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps

Dekker’s DuraVane Lubricated Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps offer a reliable and economical solution for industrial processing. Built with robust components, each pump is designed to be easy to install and service. These pumps are single-stage, dry-cooled and direct-driven to ensure continuous operation while oil lubrication helps protect internal components, reduce maintenance, and ensure smooth operation.

Ideal for applications such as vacuum ovens and freeze-drying, these pumps feature heavy duty construction, minimal downtime requirements, easy access points for servicing/maintenance, a wide range of capabilities, and top performance in challenging environments. Their innovative design also allows them to efficiently compress air molecules inside the pump’s chamber for the most reliable suction available on the market at an affordable price point.

Choose Dekker’s DuraVane Lubricated Rotary Vacuum Pumps for dependable suction power that is built to last.

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