Our Products

Best Blower is a Howden Roots distributor in Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware. We offer a wide selection of positive displacement blowers, vacuum pumps, and related equipment. By virtue of our 33 years of experience with Roots, the Best Blower team has earned their trust in representing the Howden ROOTS brand.


Universal RAI Series

All Universal RAI (URAI) series blowers are heavy duty rotary blowers in a compact, sturdy design engineered for continuous duty and maximum reliability.


RAM Series

Roots RAM series units are recognized by many as the most volumetrically efficient blowers in the industry.


RCS Series

Roots RCS series units are heavy-duty units with integral-shaft ductile iron impellers in an involute profile.

Positive Displacement Blower Repair

Best Blower offers complete application assistance, installation, and repair. As the Howden Roots distributor, we are charged with fabricating complete blower packages to Roots engineering standards, and to suit your application needs.